SHRP 2 Archive

The SHRP 2 Reliability Archive is a repository that stores the rich data and information from SHRP 2 Reliability and Reliability-related projects. These projects produce various resources, e.g., raw datasets, analysis results, tools and models, and documentation. The SHRP 2 Reliability Archive makes these valuable artifacts accessible to researchers and practitioners via the Internet. The Archive aims to preserve the data and information for more than 25 years.

The SHRP 2 Archive is a user interactive repository that will enable:
  • Uploading of artifacts and associated metadata.
  • Searching with results arranged in a list or on a map.
  • Downloading artifacts, including user-selected subsets of the datasets.
  • Collaboration between multiple researchers via comments.
  • Visualizing user-selected data.

Latest Artifacts

10/25/2016 by Bill McCollough

Caltrans data for congestion along Highway 210.

06/07/2016 by Nathan Webster

These are the slides which Iteris presented at the SHRP2 Archive Website ... (more)

06/07/2016 by Nathan Webster

This is the poster (flier) that was distributed at the outreach session at ... (more)

07/21/2015 by Dane Ismart

This dataset contains the vehicular flow inputs--both for daytime and nighttime-- ... (more)

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